urban  transport   



  It is a new type of road vehicle for urban transport. 

  This four-wheel vehicle, open a new class of vehicles for cyclists. Conception wheels, frame and pedaling system is its technical and technological novelty that principle.

  At first sight, the construction of the vehicle seems easy, but the concept is a real industry totalling many new components. The vehicle is not designed for speed, but after learning the rhythm of pedalare that lasts for a few seconds, can catch the speed depending on the tone muschiular the person and to the body weight. To catch the speed flexes his knees slightly. Due to the change in the tandem force on the pedal application platform, to a movement put in the work 276 of the muscles. 

  Do not require effort to put the vehicle in motion. For beginners, that the two pedal platforms are positioned equally, the soleplate is positioned on the pedal platform, and to impose the movement of the impulse departing from the tip of the shock with the completed force on the heel. In order to better understand the operation of the pedals is walking with his back.

  It is an advantage that the energy of putting into motion the vehicle is very small and that's thanks to the new concept of the simultaneous acquisition of groups of muscles. You calf muscles, and the muscles of the thigh muscles, the bottom of the foot.

  In order to maintain the speed is needed an impulse to the pedal assembly to the desired distance of the cyclist protection bar. The technical characteristics of construction and technological are novelty on this vehicle. The wheels, a new technological principle of construction, a technical novelty shaft mounting angle to the wheels, offering over the center of gravity, on the sub-frame, so the driver is free of earth body weight. Is the first technical concept where the axes of the four-wheel located at a distance from the center of the wheels and installation on the vehicle.

  Another new technical and technological fields is entered, the positioning of the drives to the rear wheels. The center of gravity is taken over by the wheels, thus actuating the drive is free of body weight (bw). Steering manoeuvrability is very flexible. Its design allows for a climb up the slope, drive the muscles of the arms. As a whole working intense muscular fiber, without causing ligaments and wrists.

  Working intense body, but without the bother, irrespective of the distance travelled by the several hundred meters up to a few kilometers. Combine two essential elements in motion. Pleased with the most.

  You can easily slipped in restricted spaces, can you that due to low. 

 A vehicle is ideal for businesses or warehouses. Actually the usefulness of this vehicle is unlimited. The vehicle is also fitted with support for both buttocks. It may be two combine. To stand on or semi sit up.

  An excellent vehicle for fitness. 

 By removing the sitting, is a real vehicle for exercises in the open air. Intensive work all areas of muscle, depending on the angle of inclination of the body on the vehicle. Hill start pillion rod can be used as a draft arms. The advantage in the open air, it is able variatiunea airflow.

 If it does not require a special space for parking. 

 By folding pillion rod and the raising of the vehicle, the vertical can fit into tight spaces. Ideal to go to the shopping and that due to the location of the luggage compartment which does not require an effort in addition to pedaling.

  The vehicle is ideal and in medicine of physical recovery. 

  Because of the element four wheels, the balance of the patient is taken over by them, and the function pedaling it may be adjusted gradually depending on the treatment applied to the movement. This creates a self-confidence and recovery more quickly to the patient. A vehicle which is ideal for people suffering from foot flat.

  The vehicle may be equipped with one to four electric motors with independent operation. If it does not require a continuous contact to the battery, but it is necessary to have an energy pulse at a certain distance travelled.

 The vehicle ideal for parents with children. 

 The luggage compartment above an adaptor shall be fitted to the seat of the child, so the luggage compartment remains free. Slips easily into the luggage compartment car without being removed.

  The range of construction of the vehicle varies from 12-inch to 20-inch wheels. 

  The vehicle can have and the body of the glass fiber, on request.

  The invention is protected by a patent with

 international protection WIPO/PCT.