C A R I I    4CICLET    


CARPII  new vehicle for urban transport




 For cyclists, the vehicle segment type stepper motion outdoors today, he started to build on two wheels to building three-wheeled vehicle with the same technological structure.

 The technical concept is one and the same with different aspects of mounting frame.

 CARPII 4CICLET creates a new class, a new line of vehicles in this segment, but totally different in concept from the technical and technological presently known. 

 The total amount of new parts fitted to this vehicle, starting from the wheels to accessories, account for a total of 157.

 At first glance it seems a simple concept, but this vehicle industry account for where every technical component in motion is based on another technical component that creates strength and durability over time and also gives energy storage away.

It does not take long to learn the rhythm of pedaling to put the vehicle in motion. After only 3 or 4 moving at the rhythm of pedaling.

 To better understand the minimum of effort applied to the pedal platform is enough to do some footwork moving your going back.

 Basically, it is actually applied to the pedals moving platform.Pulse energy leaves the toes and ending energy pulse applied to the heel. After learning rhythm of movement, according to the body mass of each rider to move or relaxing to catch speed, the impact of the heel pressing given platform pedal. 

  Relaxing slight pressure to move fast or slow accentuated with repeatable press.

  The technical concept applied to this vehicle does not require a multiplier speeds, the new technology vehicle wheels and the frame can throttle body mass absorption being performed according to the rate applied to the pedal platforms.

  Some technical updates include the new steering system that gives a quick recovery in case of collusion.

 This vehicle is open to all classes of riders. It is designed more as a recreation vehicle, but for those who love to go faster, speed up.

Moving this vehicle provides safety, comfort and pleasure.

 Regardless of how many kilometers you travel one day you feel tired because whenever applying a boost pedal platform with one leg, the other leg remains in relaxation. To maintain a constant speed that is needed at a time to apply two or three pedal. It set in motion once you got your vehicle and start pedaling. The effort is virtually unnoticeable. 

  The vehicle can be equipped with seat.

 Because small gap you can sneak in small spaces. The steering angle is calculated in such a way that there is no risk reversals.Cornering pedal is indicated not so new technological concept balancing table on all four wheels depending on body mass. 

  Due to the small size this vehicle can be folded and stored in small spaces.

 It is an excellent vehicle for those who want to do outdoor fitness. Combines two essential things, utility and pleasure outdoors. Working hard all muscular structure without causing any muscle incident. Improves muscle tone. 

  A pedal step, put in 276 centers working muscle. Help maintain cartilage in good condition helps keep fexible ligaments, also working intensively muscle fiber.

 Due to the positioning of the body when traveling straight, the pulse applied to the pedal platform working simultaneously enter shin muscles, calf muscles, calf muscles, gluteal muscles and abs default. Imtens working these muscles without tiring the body. Helps control heart beat and of the respiratory system.

 Depending on how a certain angle position on the vehicle body when traveling, working hard a certain group of muscles including the back muscles. Thanks to a new concept of steering rod, which is flexible, can make small tractor arms them a hill courses. 

  The movement can do exercises and squats.

 Regardless of the length of time that you travel, the body does not get tired, but guaranteed sweating intensely, burn more calories.

 Also this vehicle can be used successfully in the medical field physical recovery. Due to the above helps healing both physical and mental health of the patient, giving him the chance self-esteem by moving the propyl feet without assistance.

 It is an excellent vehicle to travel to work, outdoor recreation, the park, the beach, the large deposits can carry different materials to a certain size because luggage, in airports, shopping in the city, etc.

 Among other things, this vehicle can be equipped with one to four electric motors with functionabilitate serial or its independence with great energy autonomy. 

  Ideal for mothers with children. 

 Optional child seat can be fitted both behind and in front. In the back with avantjul the trunk can still be used to transport other objects.

Construction vehicle range is from wheels starting from 12 inch to 20 inch. 

The vehicle can be cased with all accessories. 

  The invention is protected by a patent with

 international protection WIPO/PCT.