C A R I I    4CICLET    



CARPII  –  anywhere on the move

    CARPII, it is a new class of vehicle that can be used by all age categories.

The technical and technological characteristics of this vehicle are unique, which comes with a new principle of driving, steering, comfort and safety. The technical name of the vehicle is the four cycles.

   This vehicle is ideal for parking, city, work, shopping, tourism. Also the vehicle is designed for mountain hiking.

  For different commercial departments, offices, warehouses, airports, etc.

   It is designed to feel movement and movement in a different way than what is known in the already known vehicles, the pedal movement tandem allows foot muscles to be relaxed while eliminating that zone 0 of accelerations. Thanks to the foot plate, mounting position and acceleration angle of the rear wheels, the feet remain in relaxation.

   Due to the new technical and technological concept of the wheel-to-frame assembly, of the pedal platform to the rear wheel gear, the starting movement, from the spot, is achieved no effort

  To move the vehicle, the momentum is made from the toe tip with the end of the heel. Thanks to this movement, the effort deployed is minimal, as the default comes into contact with tibia muscle, calf muscle, quadriceps muscle, buttock muscle, thus protecting the ligaments and cartilages of the foot. When leaving the seat, there must be both feet on the pedal plate.

   For muscle training, the vehicle allows the portions to work a certain number of strong muscles. For example, with only a tandem motion on both legs, a number of 276 muscles are actuated. Depending on the body tilt on the vehicle, front , center or rear, the muscle mass and muscle fiber are intensively working. 

  Work intensively tibia muscle, leg muscle, pulp muscle, abdominal muscle, dorsal muscle, arm muscle.

   Positioning the pedals to start, it is ideal to be as parallel as possible by tilting the body to the foot side with which the foot pedal is intended to operate the platform, and when the pedal on the other side is positioned up, the weight of the body moves to the other foot, force shall be applied until the arm behind the foot of the platform leaves the acceleration range. The vehicle is also he is sitting .

   For those who want muscle training, fitness can remove its stem, and those who are past a certain age or simply want a recreational walk can add the sitting accessory. To catch speed, a slight flexing of knees and pedaling are quick from one foot to the other, just a few pedals, and repeating for a while.

   This motion does not damage the ligaments because the advantage is that the entire foot rests on the foot pedal. No continuous pedaling is required as the vehicle is designed to save energy.

  Steering is a new principle that helps to make the glacier and more efficient. Due to the construction concept, it is possible to make short turns without affecting the balance of the cyclist.

  When climbing on a slope, all you need is to tilt the body backwards to make it easier to ride. The concept principle of operating the foot throttle with the two foot pedals allows this factor.

  The vehicle is equipped with a luggage carrier and a trailer anchorage support. It is possible to mount both front and rear seats subject to a flood. For people who have children and want to go for a walk with them, a seat mounting support can be fitted on the vehicle, so the luggage compartment is free to place different luggage.

  The vehicle may also be equipped electrically with one to three electric motors which can operate the wheels unpeddously or simultaneously. For high grade climbing, both human and electric motor force can be used simultaneously. This interacts both the cost-effective muscle and the saving of electricity.

  The vehicle as an accessory has anti-dirt wings and also has bodywork on all sub-assemblies.


  In the area of physical medicine, the vehicle is ideal for people who have suffered different injuries, people with different health or age problems. Thanks to the new concept of building support points and safety in delay, the patient can quickly regain self-confidence, leading to easier healing.

  Due to the concept of gap, steering can fold and store in tight spaces. The vehicle is equipped with two or four disc brakes, mechanical or hydraulic.

  The vehicle with an electric motor can also be used as a mini street vehicle.

  The vehicle is protected by a Patent and a WIPO/PCT international protection.