STEPPER  BIKE  4W                  

What does STEPPER  BIKE  4W?

Is a new type of vehicle that addresses especially cyclists. The technical name for this vehicle is patrucicleta over other existing four-wheel vehicles, created all cyclists, fall into the category quadricycle due to similarities of construction cars vehicle.

STEPPER BIKE 4W is distinguished in particular by building new frame construction wheels, steering principle, the principle pedaling system drives the rear wheels. The advantage of this is that it requires a major boost of energy is moving. As seen in video footage to climb the platform pedal, the vehicle is moving with minimal effort.

4W one advantage is that during displacement, momentum pedal platform is small, but put in the drive while the calf muscles and those of the calf, protect joints and ligaments. To understand and learn how to put the vehicle in motion, momentum pedal platform leaves toes ending in the press foot. 

An example is as if you go back, it was practically imposed movement. To know riding a four ciclet need a few seconds to learn about rhythm.

Another advantage of 4W is the new concept of construction of the wheels and the frame. Rider weight is distributed directly to the wheels, so when the accelerator pedal is free mass. By shifting the center of gravity from one foot to the other foot, the pedaling effort is practically non-existent.

Another advantage is the two functions pedaling. Standing or sitting on it. The legs can pedal to accelerate the pace shifts to catch speed. To catch speed, just slightly flexatie knees. Asftfel after a rapid movement from one foot to the other, throttle gradually begins to be increasingly higher. 

Thanks to new technological concept of 4ciclet to maintain speed, you just need to give a little push the pedals at the time. Walking upright is used for climbing uphill. On a road with the road as it can go easy on him.

Speed ​​may vary from person to person, depending on its body mass and leg muscles. 

The test conducted by me, 4ciclet 12 inches (photo and video), was at least 1 km / h to a maximum of 32 km / h. 

The advantage is that working hard muscle fiber legs, buttocks muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles

Thanks to the new steering system, its construction also rigid and flexible, and designed to engage with arm muscles when climbing uphill.

The STEPPER BIKE 4W, can go anywhere crowded rider without having to get out of the vehicle.Because small gap, it can sneak into tight spaces. This vehicle is foldable. By folding direction and the stem can be positioned vertically so it can be stored in any small space. Can fit in small cars.

It is ideal for people over a certain age, but also other age groups can use it. Because little effort put in can travel kilometers pedaling whole without being tired.

It is a good vehicle for those who do fitness. One of the advantages to fitness, is the fact that the angle is positioned 4ciclet person, body work specific muscle areas of the legs, buttocks muscles and back muscles.

The advantage lies not tired body, but we are working hard.

It can be used in medicine remedial. The patient's self-confidence is created, which leads to faster healing.

The utility of this vehicle is unlimited. From walks through the city, parks, tourism, deposits, airports, etc. Thanks to four-wheel element, those amateurs to film or photograph the move is ideal.

For tourism-mountain area, enter 4cilet larger wheel, which has a new dual independent suspension at each wheel.

STEPPER BIKE 4W can be equipped with one to four electric motors connected independently or in series. The braking system is provided by disc brakes with calipers.

4W is ideal for mothers with young children. Above the trunk attach a child seat mounting device, thus leaving open the trunk for different luggage.

The invention is protected by a patent and WIPO international protection.

STEPPER  BIKE  4W  opens a new category of vehicles for cyclists.